Rocket Booster

Double Your Impact – At No Added Cost

The Rocket Booster Program

Students are naturally curious to see how, as adults, they can contribute to the world of work. But if they don’t know your organization, they’ll never bring their talent to you.

Dottie’s committed to changing that.

When you invite Dottie to present a live keynote, you can also book a virtual keynote for your favorite school or nonprofit—at no added cost—with her Rocket Booster Program.

Dottie’s one of only a handful of professional speakers to offer schools a free keynote for every paid keynote.

The process is exceptionally easy and rewarding—a true win-win. So if you’re with a company or trade association, and may hire or did hire Dottie to present, click here for details on how to add a free virtual keynote for a local school of your choice.